About Transition2College

Welcome to Transition2College, an educational consulting firm specializing in assisting high school students with disabilities prepare for a successful transition to college.

Without a well thought out and executed game plan, the path to college can be filled with obstacles, stumbling blocks, and misinformation for students with disabilities. Founded in 2004 as the former Transition Game Educational Consultants, LLC, Transition2College (T2C) provides students with disabilities, their parents, school counselors and college counselors in private practice with the latest, most up to date information and planning tools essential for a student’s successful transition to higher education.

T2C operates under 4 key Guiding Principles:

  • Person First: We focus on the individual, not the disability.
  • True Ability: Our emphasis is on the unique strengths, interests, and passions of the student.
  • Student Driven: We partner with students in making their own sound and informed choices—we guide, rather than direct.
  • Collaborative Partners: We do not exist to replace the school guidance counselor or parent; rather, we strive to be a complementary resource.

Our Philosophy