Our Philosophy

We believe that there exists a perfect post-secondary option for every student. Whether a gifted student who has a learning disability, or a student with a pervasive developmental disorder, Transition2College consultants strive to find a placement where the student can grow and succeed while expressing their individuality.

Full Circle Guidance for Students with Disabilities

At Transition2College, we take a full circle / team approach to helping students realize their post-secondary education goals. T2C consultants facilitate a student-centered process that is directed by the student and channeled through insight from the student’s family, guidance counselor, and other vested advocates.

This approach provides a more comprehensive view of the student's life than most traditional transition planning perspectives for students with disabilities, which all too often focus on outlining deficits in specific skill areas. With our student-centered approach, plans for the future are built upon the student's dreams, capabilities, interests, and needs. The end result is a student who self identifies a post-secondary opportunity to which they can not only gain admission, but where they will be challenged, supported, and successfully graduate.

With our guidance, students will experience their own process of self-discovery.

If our philosophy sounds right for your student, let’s talk.