Swimming Upstream

Ever feel like you’re “swimming upstream” when trying to educate folks that disability is a construct of everyday life and that none of us are immune? As rehabilitation counselors and disability advocates, we certainly do. That’s why Transition2College has created the Swimming Upstream Blog, a public discussion on all things disability, with a particular interest in the intersection of disability and education. Join the conversation. We welcome the discourse!

Political Correctness

As we worked on creating and launching the new website for Transition 2 College, we stressed our belief and strong adherence to person first language with our web developers. Then a colleague, in his down-to earth rhetorical style that we at T2C have come to love, authored a piece that gave us pause. With the author’s permission, we have posted his thought provoking post in our T2C inaugural blog.

Join the conversation—we are interested in what you think!

Randall Borst wrote------