Hourly Coaching

Did You Know?

Because of other duties, many high school guidance counselors now spend, on average, less than 10 hours per week on 1:1 college planning. In many cases, this equates to less than one hour per year per student. This is a major dilemma for all concerned, but exceptionally troubling for students with disabilities requiring distinct college planning assistance.

In contrast, some students may be fortunate to have a full time high school counselor that focuses exclusively on college counseling; however they may find a need for some additional supports here and there. Regardless of your circumstances, our individualized hourly college coaching services are designed to supplement your current resources and allow you to select only those areas of help that you truly need, when you need them.

Below is the complete list of hourly services you may wish to choose from.

Understanding the Playing Field—the following services are designed to help you help your student understand the distinct differences between secondary and post-secondary education for students with disabilities. You decide which one of the listed services will be most helpful in beginning the college search journey.

  • Explanation of the differences between special education services in K-12 and the accommodations available in higher education
  • Explanation regarding the distinct differences between legislation governing special education services and disability legislation governing higher education institutions
  • Explanation regarding the support services available in colleges for students who attended private high schools or were homeschooled
  • Assistance in identifying and analyzing what type of post-secondary environment is the best fit for your student
  • Learning style and college readiness assessment
  • In-depth mock interviews to help students establish a comfort level in asking the right questions during the selection process, as well as sharpen their self-advocacy skills necessary for a successful transition to college
  • Assistance with Individualized Education Plan (IEP) development and the mandatory accompanying Individualized Transition Plan necessary for successful preparation for college (public high school students only)
  • Early review of high school course selection, extra-curricular activities, socialization skills, self-advocacy skills, independent living skills, and transition plans critical to a well rounded college experience

Executing Your Game Plan—the following services represent the essence of the activities that are essential in the college admission process. Some or all may do the trick for your student—you choose.

  • Guidance with exploring and identifying college mathches based on the student's academic record, interests, and overall goodness of fit
  • Guidance with the college application process, specifically the issue of how, when, or if to disclose a disability
  • Guidance on how to best present oneself on the college application, college essay, and during the college interview (if applicable)
  • A review of the student’s psycho educational or medical report to ensure it qualifies the student for the accommodations that are most likely to have an impact on academic success at the college level.
  • Assistance with submission of disability documentation to selected college disability service offices for review of eligibility
  • Assistance with meeting deadlines for standardized testing (SAT or ACT) and college admission applications
  • Recommendations on the types of accommodations to request in college and why.
  • A customized transition plan checklist that will identify the key actions to be taken, and when during the high school years
  • Assistance with exploring the scope of the disability support services (DSS) available at prospective colleges and the significance to the student’s level of need
  • Recommendations on existing summer transition programs specifically designed for college-bound students with disabilities
  • Assistance with obtaining test accommodations on the SAT and ACT
  • Assistance and guidance with planning college visits
  • A customized, organizational checklist to assist with each college visit
  • Assistance in exploring alternative post-secondary education placement for students with intellectual disabilities

Meeting the Goal—these services are designed to help students finalize their college selection. Clients may elect to receive any or all of the following:

  • A matched listing of the colleges and disability support services most suited to the student’s individual needs based on our individual interviews with the student and parents, review of supporting documentation, and professional experience
  • Assistance with narrowing down the list of schools following comprehensive college visits
  • A detailed written summary about each college selected that specifically addresses the compatibility with the student’s identified goals
  • A detailed written summary of the scope of accommodations, supports, and service delivery philosophy offered via the DSS office of identified schools
  • Up to date admissions criteria and deadlines for the identified colleges and any college specific scholarships that may be applicable
  • A written summary of the core curriculum of the desired major and the graduation requirements of identified schools and their significance (if any) to the student and his/her disability

Follow Along Support—the first year adjustment to college can be overwhelming for any student, with or without a disability. These services are designed to give you piece of mind in knowing that you have an additional ally.

  • Disability specific checklist to assist with the first semester adjustment to college
  • On-going advising during the student's freshman year in order to ensure a smooth and successful transition

Our Hourly Coaching Fee is $150 per hour.