Right Start Package

Still can’t decide which hourly services are most necessary for your student’s success in finding a good college match? We have a solution. The Right Start Package is a bundle of our most popular services that will give you guidance through the entire college search and application process. Clients selecting the Right Start Package will receive the following:

  • On-going assessment planning interviews with student and parents
  • Guidance on identifying potential college matches based on the student's academic record, interests and overall goodness of fit
  • Guidance on the self-determination process necessary in identifying accommodation needs at the college level
  • Recommendations on the types of accommodations to request in college and why
  • Explanation on the spectrum of supports available at colleges and universities
  • Guidance on the types of college disability support services (DSS) and college environment most essential for the student's need based on the documentation of disability presented, school records, and consultant to client and parent interviews
  • Identification of examples of at least 3 DSS offices that may meet the specified criteria. This identification will aid the client in their own self review of colleges during the college search process
  • A written summary of the scope of accommodations, supports, and service delivery philosophy offered via the identified DSS offices
  • Recommendations on how to evaluate the "goodness" of fit when making visits to the college and the college’s DSS office
  • Explanation of the difference between special education services in K-12 and private schools and the accommodations available at the post-secondary level
  • Explanation of the distinct difference between legislation governing special education services and disability legislation governing higher education institutions - the foundation from which colleges/universities provide accommodations
  • Assistance with the review and analysis of alternative post-secondary education options for students with disabilities not yet ready for a traditional college curriculum or environment without specialized assistance
  • In-depth mock interviews to help students establish a comfort level that will make the student feel secure in asking the right questions during the selection process, while sharpening self-advocacy and self-determination skills
  • A review of the student's psycho-educational or medical report to ensure that it qualifies the student for the accommodations that are most likely to have an impact on post-secondary educational success
  • Assistance with the submission of disability documentation to selected DSS offices for review of eligibility as well as early identification of potential documentation limitations
  • Guidance on seeking test accommodations on the SAT or ACT
  • Assistance with narrowing down the list of schools following comprehensive college visits
  • A customized check-list of action steps to be taken during the transition to college process
  • Follow-up guidance during the student's first semester adjustment to college

Your investment in the Right Start Package is only $2800.

A small investment now can save time and prevent anguish later. Let T2C help your son or daughter find the college and disability support services that will enable them to thrive.

Ideally, students should start planning for college just prior to beginning 9th grade while making use of our hourly coaching services. This will ensure the development of a comprehensive individualized education plan (IEP) that will address the academic and extracurricular activities most conducive for college admission and success. Alternatively, many students retain T2C during their junior year with our Right Start Package. We welcome all students regardless of current high school status.

Prior to establishing a working relationship, students and parents are asked to complete the Getting Started Questionnaire. Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, we will conduct a free initial phone consultation with the parents and student to ensure that our college coaching services are appropriate for the student’s needs.