Key Links

Below are some of our favorite organizations that we would like to share:

High school students—do you want to read what currently enrolled college students really think about the colleges and universities you are considering?

Parents—are you concerned about the high price of college? What about issues of letting go? Join the number one national membership based organization for parents of current or future college students.

School counselors—are you tired of not being able to provide students with the individual attention they deserve during the college search process? Are you considering starting your own private practice as a solution? Seek out the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) for your professional development needs, including the new IECA UC-Irvine Extension Program designed for educational consultants in private practice.

For Everyone—check out the disability organizations that doctors Cunningham and Johnson feel most passionate about. Get involved. We plan to!

A not-for-profit organization helping young high school football players who acquired a debilitating spinal cord injury on the field.

The nation's leading organization working to reduce emotional distress and prevent suicide among college students.

An advocacy organization of consumers, families, and friends of individuals with mental illness.